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"I’m Just Getting Old"

You know what makes you feel old before you’re, you know, actually old? Your constant soreness from being so stiff. And it's not because of your age; it’s simply a lack of flexibility. So you may not be young enough to pull off a middle part, but those aches and pains are not something you have to live with just because you’re not in your teens anymore.

If you're guilty of blaming your aches and pains on "getting old" even though you're only in your 30s or 40s (or even 50s!), I've got some news: it's not just because you're getting old. It's a lack of flexibility. And
you don't have to feel this way.

"I've stretched but it's just not getting better."

If you’re sitting here saying, “But I’ve already stretched and I feel the same” or “I tried doing yoga and it doesn’t work for me,” believe me I’ve heard it all before. But the solution isn’t as simple as taking a yoga class or doing some random stretches and here's why...

  • You're not following a plan. Surprise surprise! Random sequences with no direction aren't gonna do it
  • You're not targeting the right muscles
  • You're not breathing the right way during your routines
  • You're not stretching in the most effective way
  • And the #1 reason is that you're not consistent

The good news is you can feel 10 years younger by doing the right movements in the right way.

Take The
Flexibility Tests

If you can’t do one or more of these movements, your flexibility is in need of some TLC!

Can your hips do this?

Can your shoulders do this?

Can your ankles do this?

Can your hamstrings do this?

The Problem with Tightness

You might be thinking that the constant tightness you’re experiencing isn’t that bad. After all, doesn't everyone feel this way?! The thing is, this tightness isn’t just annoying, it can lead to injury, joint deterioration, and further restricted movement the older you get. And unfortunately, it is NOT a problem that will resolve by itself. Here are just a few important things to know about being chronically inflexible:

  • You’re more prone to injury - When one area is overly stiff/tight, other areas compensate which can result in injury.
  • Reduced quality of life - Pain and discomfort limit us in so many ways, and when we're limited, we feel bad. It's depressing to feel unable to do what we want!
  • It won't improve by itself - Once you lose your flexibility, it's GONE. It doesn't come back on its own without YOUR participation and intention.
  • It limits you in exercise - It stops you from achieving your full range of motion and maintaining good form. And bad form causes more pain and potential injury.
  • Constant "tweaks" - If you have constant tightness in your back or shoulders, it seems like you make one wrong move and can't lift your arms overhead for a week. Or you tweak your neck as soon as you get out of bed in the morning. This is NOT NORMAL.


Why Flexibility's So Important:

Doing random stretches for 15 minutes a day isn’t going to do much of anything. This is a structured flexibility course that’s been designed to do the most in a short amount of time. And no, it's the type of yoga that leaves you in a puddle of sweat at the end of the class. I’m talking intelligently sequenced classes that target the areas that matter to get your flexibility back on track.

  • Reduce or eliminate pain from tightness
  • Slow the aging process (there's a famous yoga quote that says, "you’re only as young as your spine is flexible!")
  • Reduce the risk of injury (not just age-related injury, but everything)
  • Lead to a smoother, more graceful yoga practice (have you ever watched an experienced yogi effortlessly move their foot from downdog to a lunge? Or hop to the top of their mat and look like they’re floating? That is flexibility!)
  • Promote better posture (transform your self-perception and body image).
  • Promote better sleep (eliminate tossing and turning due to discomfort).

Join the Functional Flexibility Course:

Functional Flexibility is all about real life. This is not a course that's going to have you do the splits or handstands. This is a course to make you feel more comfortable in your daily life, hence the word "Functional". You should be able to squat low, you should be able to bend over and touch the floor (without wanting to cry!), you should be able to bring your knees past your toes in a lunge (YES!), and SO MUCH MORE. Did you know all of these are very basic, functional movements we NEED to be able to do to feel good on a daily basis? It’s true!

Inside This Course You Will Get:

  • 15-minutes a day, 5x a week for 4 weeks
  • BONUS: 45-minute Flexibility Workshop
  • BONUS: 4 weeks of text support from me
  • Lifetime access


  • Reduced pain
  • Better sleep
  • A fuller range of motion
  • No more excessive tightness when you wake up or during the rest of your day
  • Your workouts will feel more accessible and enjoyable
  • Your body will feel younger
  • More comfort in the poses you usually see in yoga classes

What You Need:

  • Your phone/computer and an internet connection
  • 15 minutes a day (you got it!)
  • Yoga or exercise mat

PRICE: $99

Safe & Secure Checkout
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

45-Min Workshop

In this workshop you'll learn how flexibility works: what causes that stiffness you experience, flexibility tests so you have a clear baseline, and the science behind what we're doing in this course. If you're a little bit of a nerd like me and love knowing how things work, you're gonna love this! ;)

$39 value / FREE!

Will This Work?

I guarantee it. You’re going to have to put in the 15 minutes a day, but if you do, then you will absolutely see results. And don’t worry-- I’ll be there with you the whole way. If you have any questions, you can literally text me! Yep, you can text me your questions anytime. That’s how much I’m invested in you succeeding and feeling better. 

Is It Right For ME?

WARNING: If you want to keep using the excuse “I’m just getting old,” then this course is NOT for you. 

BUT if you want to throw that excuse out the window and feel 10 years younger in the next few weeks, then this is DEFINITELY for you. 

About Me

I'm Erin, I’ve been teaching yoga for almost 20 years and have been featured in countless publications for making yoga more accessible and focused on YOU, the person, and not the image of a "perfect yogi."

I'm also certified personal trainer and a lifelong student of the human body. I’ve seen thousands of students go from being in constant pain to being able to move freely and feel good in their bodies. It’s one of my favorite things to watch. That's why it's become my mission to see as many people as possible feel those same results and ultimately feel 10 years younger. I know it's possible and I know you can do this.


Can 30 days really make a difference?

100% yes. Not only will it make a difference short-term but it will make a lasting difference. Thirty days is enough to see and feel results, AND create a habit you'll carry beyond this. But honestly you'll start feeling better in even less than that.  

Is the course beginner friendly?

Yes! The classes will allow the most inflexible person to start down the road of flexibility and I give options for the more advanced yogis to challenge themselves as well.  

Will I need any special props or equipment ?

Just a yoga or workout mat. I give household alternatives for things like a yoga strap and bolster.

Do I get to keep it past the 30 days?

YES! You can do it over and over again. It's made for that.  

Does yoga really reduce chance of injuries?

FLEXIBILITY reduces chance of injury and yoga increases flexibility. That's why a yoga program designed with flexibility in mind is so important. Randomly stretching before an activity isn't enough to prevent injury or maintain joint health. It's also why you may not have seen results from "stretching" in the past.

Do I need to do it for 30 days straight?

No. Listen I get it. Life happens! When it does just jump right back in where you left off. Consistency is more important than never missing a day. You got this!  💪

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

That's right-- if you don't see results, don't keep it. I want to help people and if this doesn't help you then I didn't meet my goal. That's why I'm giving you a 30-day money back guarantee. I'm THAT confident that this will help you AND I want you to feel completely comfortable starting a journey that I know will make you feel better.